Our Strength

Welcome to The Purba Limited Established in 1989, The Purba Limited has been dedicated to doing business differently and innovatively. Our diverse businesses span from real estate development, building construction, finance & banking, printing & media, export / import, IT consultancy, firm development and much more.

At The Purba Limited, we believe in innovation, reliable products and services; talented people and a responsible approach to business. Our values and commitment to excellence makes us one of the largest and fastest growing companies in Bangladesh.


At The Purba Limited we have one objective – to devote our talent, technology and time to creating superior products and services that make everyday lives better and contributes to a better society.


The Purba Limited’s vision is to provide excellent product and services of superior quality and value that will enhance the lives of consumers today and for generations to come.


The Purba Limited believes that good ethics is the foundation for good business. We believe in showing fairness and respect to our clients, partners, society and environment.